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Living in Abundance

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Living in abundance is a dream for many. At Breaking Open Abundance, it’s our dream to ensure that all 8 billion people on this planet experience what living in abundance is like. That is the purpose behind our courses, coaching, events, speeches, and presentations.

The Definition of Abundance

The definition of abundance, according to Miriam-Webster’s dictionary is this:

  1. an ample quantity, an abundant amount, PROFUSION
  2. affluence, wealth
  3. relative degree of plentifulness

This matters. How we define abundance determines our expectations about what abundance looks like and whether or not we believe we can possess it.

Synonyms & Antonyms of Abundance

Synonyms and antonyms of abundance help to reinforce the idea that abundance is an external property. Thesaurus.com lists 16 synonyms for abundance, including affluence, prosperity, riches, wealth, fortune, and opulence. Almost half of these words are tied to how much one possesses.

The antonyms are even more telling: lack, scarcity, poverty, and want. All of these are measurements of what you possess.

Living in Abundance Is a Mindset.

An abundance mindset begins with recognizing that you already live in abundance. You live in a universe filled with abundance. Mindset determines whether an abundance of problems is good news or bad news.

Someone with the wrong mindset looks at an abundance of problems and sees nothing but misery and toil. Those with the right mindset see opportunities in disguise waiting to be turned into profitable ventures.

People will tell you that opportunity knocks only once. That’s not true. Opportunity comes to us almost daily disguised in rags. It knocks at the door and begs to be given attention, but most of us slam our doors in its face because it doesn’t look or smell good. It doesn’t come packaged as we’d prefer, or act the way we’d like.

Few have the wisdom to recognize the opportunity hidden in its distressing disguise. Those few welcome those opportunities in the door and invite them to share their wisdom. Then, they repackage that wisdom and sell it to those foolish enough to overlook opportunity when it arrived.

Start Living in Abundance Today

It isn’t necessary to wait until you have everything together to begin living in abundance. Simple mindset shifts can open your eyes to the opportunities hidden all around you.

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