Abundance Coaching

abundance coaching with a heart of gold

Abundance coaching with Breaking Open Abundance is a 16-step program that will help you:

  • Get clear about who you are, where you are, exactly as you are, where you’re meant to be, and what’s stopping you from getting there
  • Develop the courage to acknowledge every part of your story so you can set yourself free from your past
  • Apply your story in service of others while building strategic partnerships that will help you connect to more of the people who need your story at a faster pace than you could on your own

When you partner with others to serve the world with your story, there are no limits to what you can achieve.

Three Options for Our Abundance Coaching

The Breaking Open Abundance Coaching program will help you transform your troublesome past into a tool for triumph over life’s greatest obstacles.

While our program is geared toward weekly sessions over 16 weeks, it can be condensed to produce quicker results for an additional fee. If money is an obstacle, you can choose to enroll in a group coaching environment that offers less hands-on coaching help but the added bonus of peer support and encouragement. Email info@breakingopenabundance.com to request information about our alternative program delivery strategies.

Who We Work With

Our program is not an ideal fit for everyone. This is why we do not offer a pay now button at the bottom, but an invitation to get on a call with us so that we can both be confident our work together will produce the results we both desire.

Our Breaking Open Abundance Coaching Program is for those who:

  • Wise enough to recognize that they don’t know it all
  • Humble enough to be teachable
  • Believing and living out the truth that all people have dignity and deserve respect
  • Interested in making a positive difference in the world around them
  • Committed to taking action when a solid plan for achieving results is presented to them
  • Tired of the phony, superficial nature of modern culture
  • Hunger to create something real, authentic, genuine, and lasting
  • Understand the value of relationships
  • Desire authentic connections with other people that are rooted in common values

Our Abundance Coaching Program

Each session is a one-on-one call with your Abundance Coach, Brandy M. Miller, who will guide you through the steps necessary to start living a limitlessly abundant life.

Step 1: Setting Expectations for Abundance Coaching

We’ll start by exploring what your current life looks like, the problems that brought you to us, what it is you’d like to change, what you desire to create in your life, and what you believe is stopping you from achieving that.

Step 2: Your Life’s Big Positives

This week, we’ll take a look at the things you’ve achieved, accomplished, been awarded, or recognized for doing along with the degrees and certifications you’ve earned, skills and knowledge you’ve gained, or experiences that you can leverage. We’ll examine your fans, followers, and other things you bring to the table. Finally, we’ll evaluate the value of those things so you know what it is you have to offer and what that’s worth.

Step 3: Who Has What You Need or Want

We’ll research the kinds of people and organizations that have what you need or want to bring into your life with limitless abundance and what they lack or need that align with your positives. We’ll also be examining what they might need or want and what the value of those things are so  you can determine how much value you need to bring to the table in order to attract their interest.

Step 4: Your Life’s Big Negatives & Opportunities for Abundance

It’s time to examine all the things that might stop them from wanting to work with you so we can address them and transform those problems into profitable opportunities that will benefit the both of you. We’ll be looking at how you handled each negative, what you learned from it, and what positive transformations you were able to gain because of it so you can include that wisdom in your work.

Step 5: The Darkest Moment & What You Needed To Hear

We’ll look into those negative moments of your life to find the darkest moment when you felt like quitting on yourself or giving up on life. We’ll explore what it is you wish someone told you back then or what it is you needed to hear that no one else said to you so that you can include those words of wisdom in your offer.

Step 6: The Big Reversal & The Results

During this week, we’ll explore that dark moment and what made you decide not to let the darkness overwhelm you. We’ll also examine how that decision changed things for you and led you to a more positive outcome.

Step 7-11: Your 5 Biggest Challenges & How You Overcame Those

During the next 5 sessions, we’ll explore the 5 biggest challenges you faced on your journey from the darkest point to the positive life you’re living (or would like to live) today. Each step we’ll focus on a single challenge, the steps you took to overcome those, the lessons you learned along the way, and what you wish you’d known then that you do now.

Step 12: Finding the Parallels

We’ll look at where your story of transformation connects to the story of the transformation your audience wants to achieve so we can put together an irresistible offer based on who they are and what you can help them do or have.

Step 13: Creating & Packaging Your Irresistible Offer

We’ll create your offer and explore the best ways to present it to your ideal audience, what they will find most meaningful, and how you can deliver it with your unique style and flair.

Step 14: Showing Up Ready to Serve

We’ll examine the power of showing up ready to serve, how that will help you get what you want with less effort and work, and the importance of truly caring about the outcome the person you serve receives based on your service. We’ll also talk about how important it is to deliver exceptional value each time you serve.

Step 15: Connecting With Your Ideal Audience

We’ll dive into the research needed to find out where your ideal audience spends most of their time, looking at: the organizations and groups where they belong, the churches or events they might attend, the causes or sports teams they support, the schools they’ve attended and the events where they’ll be. This way, we can map out a plan to connect with them so you can share your offer.

Step 16: Preparing Your Pitch

During this call, we’ll get you ready with an elevator pitch, a pitch deck if appropriate, and the tools you need to show up as the right person for the job when opportunity to speak with them presents itself. We’ll also discuss ways that you can use what you’ve learned to get in front of more people like them so you can get more of what you desire faster.

Money Is Never an Obstacle at Breaking Open Abundance

If you’re letting money be the deciding factor in whether or not you book your free discovery call, let us reassure you. Money is not an obstacle when you work with us. We can help you create a plan that will put the program within your reach no matter how much is in your bank account right now.

All you have to do is say yes to your dreams and book the call now.