Unlock the Doors to Limitless Abundance

with Breaking Open Abundance™


  • Love that never dies
  • Hope that never fails
  • Joy in the midst of the worst sorrows
  • Peace that can’t be broken
  • Relationships with true intimacy and deep connections
  • Accomplishments with meaning and purpose
  • Life with no regrets…and no limits

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Abundance Is Your Birthright.

So aren’t you experiencing it? Why don’t you have the love, hope, joy, and peace you desire?


True abundance is found in the heart, not the wallet.

To break open abundance, you must first open up to love.

Set Yourself Free To Love

When we lack clarity about what love is – and isn’t – we fall for its counterfeits and get hurt. These painful experiences can keep us imprisoned in the past, unable to move forward into a live of love.

Breaking Open Abundance will help you recognize the difference between authentic love and its counterfeits so you don’t have to fear anymore.

To experience abundance, you must open up and build authentic, heart-to-heart connections with the people around you.

Breaking Open Abundance will guide you in the steps needed to build authentic connections and keep them going.

To Change Your Present, Rewrite Your Past

Your brain is a powerful supercomputer that uses a belief-based operating system driven by story-based explanations of why life’s meaningful moments happened the way they did.

Those stories drive every decision you make: where you live, who you select as friends or lovers, what jobs you work, and how you act.

They define who you are and who you can become, establishing your limits…but you can rewrite those stories.

Our Abundance Coaching program will help you uncover the stories holding you back and rewrite them into stories that empower you.


  • Grow in your understanding of the power of stories so you can choose the stories that define you
  • Gain insights into ways to transform life’s giant negatives into infinite possibilities for a positive outcome

Find What Makes You Shine

There is no one out there with your unique combination of genetics, family history, life experiences, skills, gifts, talents, and education. You cannot be replaced, not even by a clone.

Breaking Open Abundance will help you discover what you offer the world that no one else can. You can then use that to:

  • Build or grow a business, start a nonprofit, or establish a ministry
  • Access the things you need to make your dreams come true
  • Establish a lasting legacy that will change your life…and the world

Warning: Get Ready To Get (Emotionally) Naked!

Finding the courage to be loved.

I was 32 years old. I’d been married to my husband for 12 years. I’d slept with him for 17. I was perfectly fine taking my clothes off in front of him.

But when I was asked to be emotionally naked in front of him, I was shaking with fear. That’s when I discovered that in order to be loved for who you are, where you are, exactly as you are – you must first find the courage to be honest about those things. Breaking Open Abundance developed out of my journey to embrace the radical vulnerability love requires and get emotionally naked with people. I saw the benefits of my transformation and wanted other people to experience that, too.

What I do:

  • Award-winning International Speaker
  • Award-winning Author
  • Vulnerability Coach
  • Abundance Conductor
  • Opportunity Prospector

Joylynn M. Ross, Partner

I became a national bestselling author because I learned early in life how to strip off my masks and get naked on the page. Readers love my work because they feel that heart-to-heart connection that only comes when you’re being your authentic self. I founded Path To Publishing because I wanted to help other authors experience that same success.

When Brandy introduced her Breaking Open Abundance program in July 2022, I didn’t know where that journey would lead me. I just knew I needed it. I wasn’t happy with my life or my business, but I didn’t know why.

Brandy helped me to understand what was missing was the heart. I’d gotten focused on the business side of things and lost track of what mattered most. Once I got back on track, doors began opening up that were sealed shut before I began working with her. The journey to abundance hasn’t been easy, but it’s been worth it.

What I do:

  • National Bestselling Author
  • CEO and Founder of Path To Publishing, Path To Connections, and PTP Press
  • Keynote Speaker
  • Publishing Concierge
  • Book and Book Business Mentor

We Will Meet You Where You Are

We know that trust is not something that is built overnight. It took you years to build up the walls. It will take time to tear them down so you can build bridges with the bricks.

No matter where you are on the journey, we will meet you there. We will take things at your pace, as you are ready to move forward. Our only goal is to ensure you get the support, accountability, and encouragement you need on this journey.

Our Exact 3-Step Process

Based on timeless, proven principles that provide reliable results.

  1. CLARITY: Get clear about who you are, where you are, exactly as you are, where you’re meant to be, and what’s stopping you from getting there.
  2. COURAGE: Develop the courage to acknowledge and embrace every part of your story by sifting through it to find the hidden gems within it.
  3. SERVICE: Apply your story in service of others while building strategic partnerships that will accelerate your progress.

Your Story Is Where Limitless Abundance Begins…But Where It Ends Is Up To You!

When you partner with others to serve the world with your story, there are no limits to what you can achieve.

Abundance Begins With Who You Are…Not What You Have

You can have the whole world and still feel like nothing if your mindset isn’t right.

An abundance mindset isn’t dependent upon:

  • Fancy clothes
  • A big house
  • An expensive car
  • A flush bank account
  • A million followers
  • A college degree
  • An important title
  • Working 16 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Someone else’s validation or permission

When you get the abundance mindset right, you’ll find you aren’t held back by what you lack. Instead, you’ll be empowered to move forward with a sincere desire to serve others. The more you tap into your power to make a difference, the more the things you truly want will come to you.

How Brandy Went from Publishing The Poverty Diaries in 2014 to Breaking Open Abundance™ in 2022…and How We Can Help You Do the Same

I grew up in a household where “we don’t have enough” was our most frequently recited mantra. We thoroughly believed that our ability to succeed was dependent upon what we had or didn’t have. Whether it was money, time, or food…we just didn’t have enough. It didn’t matter how much there was.

At age 23, that mindset is how I wound up sitting at a kitchen table wondering how many pills I’d need to swallow so I didn’t have to keep drowning in an ocean of problems I couldn’t solve. I didn’t have the things I thought I needed to make those problems go away and I didn’t have any hope that I ever would. It was the thought that I should take my 3-year-old son with me that snapped me out of my depression. I made a decision that day to fight until my last breath to make his life better even if I didn’t know what it would take to get there.

Four years later, I’d poured countless hours and dollars into trying to improve our life but my mindset hadn’t changed. I was standing in the bedroom listening to my 7-year-old son tell me not only that he was going to kill himself but exactly how he would do it – and he had a backup plan in case the first plan didn’t work. My mindset wasn’t just killing me. It was poisoning my son.

The Mindset Shifts That Led to Breaking Open Abundance™.

I spent the next decade struggling to overcome the mindset that what I had – or didn’t have – was what would determine my destiny. The process of real change began in 2013, when I took a problem I knew how to solve – how to write a book – and began serving others with it by starting a writer’s group. A year later, I published The Poverty Diaries, a collection of excerpts from my journal entries during some of my worst moments of poverty, to raise money to get to my son’s bootcamp graduation.

Those things started a change in my life from focusing on what I didn’t have to focusing on what I could do for others. I practiced gratitude for the problems in my life and committed to selfless service. I became relentlessly positive in the face of life’s negatives. In 2016, I published 7 Steps To Change Your Life..and the World. I put those steps to work for me.

Ten years later, I was dancing for joy, shouting, “I have problems! I have problems!!” I saw that every past problem I knew how to solve was today’s profits and every current problem I didn’t yet know how to solve was tomorrow’s. I would never run out of problems and thus opportunities for profit. That year, I published Turning Problems into Profits.

That book led to becoming an international speaker and award-winning author, but because my mindset still needed work, I didn’t share it with people. I let myself remain the best kept secret on the internet out of shame over what I didn’t have and fears I wasn’t good enough to pass on the wisdom I’d gained over the years.

Three years later, I decided to stop allowing what I didn’t have be the excuse I used for not stepping up to serve other people with what I knew I could do. Breaking Open Abundance™ was born out of that resolve and pilot tested on the CEO of Path To Publishing, Joylynn M. Ross. It changed her life, and she and I partnered together so it could change the lives of others, too.

You Story of Abundance Begins Today

Abundance isn’t just for the 1%. It’s for you if:

  • You DESIRE to make a difference
  • You BELIEVE you are capable of great things
  • You ARE WILLING to put the work in to get the results you desire
  • You CARE about others and love helping them;

It’s time for you to claim your power and own your story. Stop being the best kept secret on the internet. Step up to let others know who you are…not the facade you’ve created, but the real you. Step into your greatness. Share your story and make the difference you were born to make.

Someone Out There NEEDS Your Story

Someone out there NEEDS to your story. It may be someone who is struggling because:

  • They’ve made the biggest mistake of their lives and need to know that isn’t the end of their story
  • They’ve just lost the person they love most and need to believe it’s possible to love again
  • They’ve lost everything and need to know they can rise from the ashes
  • They’ve been battling depression or addiction and need a reason to keep fighting

It may be someone who is turning their lives around and needs to hear:

  • That the sacrifices they’re making are worth it
  • That the risks they’re taking will pay off in the long run
  • That the faith they’re keeping isn’t wasted time
  • That the commitment they’re making is possible to keep

Regardless of the reason, there is someone out there who needs it and who will be grateful to you for your courage in sharing it. We’ll help you find them.

Your Story Can Be Powerful…But Only When Shared The Right Way

Many people find that sharing their story doesn’t bring them freedom or abundance. Maybe it brings them crickets. Maybe it brings them condemnation and judgment.

It all depends on how you share your story as to how it will be received. Sharing it with the wrong intentions…to gain attention or sympathy or to get something from others…is where most people go wrong.

That’s why we’ve put together this free course, 5 Steps To Get Anyone To Lean In And Listen To You so you can understand what you’ll need to do in order to share your story more effectively.

It’s simple. It’s powerful. It’s effective.

And anyone can do it.

The trick is using your story to show them what you have to offer and the value that will bring to their lives.

How to Get Anyone to Lean In and Listen to You

You know you’ve got something great to share. You’ve tried to get people to pay attention and listen to you. But they keep passing you by. Ignoring you like you don’t even exist.

Get our 5 Steps to Get Anyone to Lean In & Listen to You video series so you can start attracting the attention you desire and commanding the respect you deserve.

5 Steps to Get Anyone to Lean in and Listen to You Introduction

The 3 Stages Of Breaking Open Abundance

1. Clarity About Your Story

2. Connection To Your Audience

3. Amplification of Your Story

In our coaching program, we’ll work together to get clear about your story, the audience it’s best suited to serve, and the impact you are meant to have on their lives.

During stage two, our focus will be on the publication, marketing, and promotion of your story to the audience that needs it most so that it begins to serve your audience.

During the third stage, we’ll look at all the creative ways you can spread your story to more audiences while doing a minimal amount of extra work so you can serve more with less effort.

These stages will repeat as you enter into each new level of abundance.

Abundance Is For Everyone!

If you review our plans and you find that they are not within your budget today, do not lose hope and do not despair. Your story is no less valuable to us. That’s why we’ve created an affiliate program. You can earn access to our programs simply by joining our affiliate program, taking our free course, and then sharing our content using your affiliate link along with what you’ve learned from the free course. You will make 20% of what we make from anyone you refer to us using your affiliate link. It’s a great win for you and for them, and helps us grow. We also recommend you join our free Facebook community so you can get more help and support.

Don’t ever let money be the reason you didn’t get the help you needed to start breaking open abundance. If you don’t have the money and you don’t know what it is you have to offer, join our free Facebook community. It’s for everyone who wants to achieve a life of limitless abundance, no matter where you’re starting out today.

Three Ways to Work With Us

Coaching & Community

Our coaching provides the mentorship and strategies you need to gain clarity about your story and overcome the challenges you’ll face in sharing it.

Our community allows you to connect with others who are also on the journey to abundance, practice sharing your story in a supportive environment, and get access to tools and resources that will help you grow in your confidence and courage.

Events & Programs

Our events are designed to prepare and equip you to face the challenges you’re going to meet in the next stage of your journey to living in abundance. Each event will guided you through exercises to map out strategies for addressing the gaps in your plans and acquiring the resources to overcome them. Our Mastermind program assists with developing the skills and strategies needed to create and leverage high-impact visibility. Our Abundance Unlimited program provides year-long coaching and Mastermind access along with our entire catalog of courses and resources.

Courses & Resources

Our online courses are self-paced deeper dives offering practical solutions to everyday challenges of living in abundance such as holding difficult conversations, conflict resolution, conducting business, marketing, sales, marriage, parenting, leadership, and other topics. Our resources are tools to help with daily implementation of lessons learned during the courses and to overcome specific challenges that stand between you and the abundance you desire to attain. These include books, journals, workbooks, prayer guides, music, merchandise, artwork, and more.

Experience a life of limitless abundance!