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Let International Speaker and Award-Winning Author, Brandy M. Miller, help your audience get the keys to unlock their dreams and bring abundance into their life with ease. Dubbed “Relentlessly Positive” by William Hung in 2018, she’s guaranteed to leave them not only empowered to change their lives but feeling abundantly hopeful about their future.

Speaker Bio

Award-winning international speaker and three-time award-winning author, Brandy M. Miller, has delighted audiences on stages from London to Las Vegas. She brings unique perspectives, authentic vulnerability, and diverse industry experience that allows her to speak to each audience in a language that they can understand.

A master teacher despite having only an Associates in Elementary Education, she has a gift for breaking complex topics into easily digestible bits that are relatable to everyday life. Her life experiences and talent for storytelling allows her to effortlessly weave together into a single compelling narrative a broad range of topics including business, marketing, salesmanship, science, math, art, writing, religion, relationship building, leadership, personal growth, education, race relations, politics, and psychology. Her talks help listeners experience a shift in perspective that creates a lasting impact on their lives.

Stage Intro

Dubbed “Relentlessly Positive” by William Hung in 2018, Brandy M. Miller is an award-winning entrepreneur, author, writing coach, and creative strategist whose speaking talents have delighted audiences from London to Las Vegas.

She has helped individuals and companies around the globe unlock their potential for profits and turn their negatives into positives. Please welcome to the stage, Brandy M. Miller

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