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Stop Being the Best-Kept Secret on the Internet!

Limitless abundance comes to those whose value is visible…our Abundance Mastermind will help you get there.

You know you’ve got great things and world-changing ideas within you – but:

  • You aren’t doing the work to promote what you’ve created;
  • You’re not bringing in the business or the income you desire;
  • You’re attracting emotional vampires that drain you and deplete your energy;
  • People keep taking advantage of you or underestimating you;
  • Your lifestyle is designed to help you fit in and blend in rather than stand out;

Hiding Your Value Is Not Helping You

You’re a true treasure and a gem, but you haven’t stepped up and owned that yet. As a result, you’re sabotaging you ability to trade that value for the life you want to live and the world you want to create by burying your greatest gifts and talents.

I get it. Growing up it was safer not to be seen or known. Visibility made you a target for those who hurt you. I know what that’s like. That was my story, too, until I got sick of…

The Things I Did Before I Discovered My Unique Value

  1. Trying to prove myself to everyone because I never felt like I was worthy or good enough to be credible in the spaces I was trying to occupy;
  2. Relying solely on word-of-mouth referrals which made it hard for the people who needed me to find me;
  3. Accepting the kind of clients that made me question my value and my worth because my lack of visibility was leading me from one income crisis to another;
  4. Chasing approval and validation from those I served, which left me giving far too much for far too little and caused me to feel abused, undervalued, and underappreciated;
  5. Fearing the spotlight and the inevitable criticisms, envy, and unreasonable expectations that would come if I stepped up and shared what I alone could offer;

Everything changed for me the day I realized…

Your Lack of Visibility Is Keeping Those Who Need You From FINDING You!

You and I were not born to be ordinary. We were created to be extraordinary.

We are exceptional. There is no one else out there in all of humankind who has what we have to offer the world. The only thing we’re doing by hiding our light is keeping those wandering in darkness from finding it!

Your light is not the same as mine. It’s not meant to help the same people my light is meant to help. And that is not only okay, it’s exactly how the world is meant to work.

Unfortunately, most people don’t realize this. They think that if you’re different from everyone else, there’s something wrong with you.

In their ignorance, they punished you for the very things that were put in you to make you exceptional!

Will You Be a Shining Star or a Black Hole?

You were born to be a star shining in the darkness, helping the lost to find their way.

But stars don’t get formed in easy circumstances.

They get formed when humble star dust gathers together and gets put under tremendous pressure until suddenly…

It either ignites into a ball of fire that lights up everything around it for lightyears in any direction…

…or it collapses in on itself and becomes a black hole that sucks the light out of everything and everyone else around it.

You Were Meant To Shine!

Those who refuse their destiny and aren’t living their purpose begin to suck the light and the life out of everything and everyone else around them. You become an emotional vampire.

Only you can choose which path you will take…and if you’ve been on the wrong path, heading toward becoming a black hole, it’s not too late to change. In fact, if you’re reading this, it means you’re being encouraged to stop hiding yourself and step up to shine.

When You Allow Your Light Be Dimmed, You Can Dim the Light of Others

When you’re not shining, your income insecurities bleed onto everyone else…

…you question their value, their pricing, and their worth because you aren’t claiming your own…

…you discourage others from shining because you doubt them and underestimate them…

…you unintentionally take advantage of others and underestimate them because you’re desperate for their help and don’t see the value they’re adding to your life for the incredible gift it is…

…you blame them for the problems you’re creating in your life by refusing to shine rather than owning your own problems and taking the lead in your life…

…you can become the exact kind of client, customer, coworker, or person you hate dealing with most!

It’s time to LET GO!

You didn’t create the insecurities you feel. They were instilled into you by other people who didn’t understand you and doubted your worth because of it.

That’s not your fault. But it is your life and your responsibility to take action.

It’s time to let go of all the…

…past pain and the way you allowed it to define you…

… negative messages and turn them into positive stories that work for you instead of against you…

…people who were too blinded by their own fears and insecurities to see your value and worth…

…weight of other people’s expectations and define success for yourself…

Other people may envy your greatness and try to shame you for sharing it, but hiding what you can do so they don’t feel bad about themselves is not serving either of you. It’s giving them permission to keep hiding their light and depriving the world of yours.

…their greatest fear is that once you discover your value and others see it, too…

…you’ll leave them behind.

Don’t let that stop you. Stepping up and allowing your light to shine will equip you to shed light on the value they hold and will help them become an asset instead of a liability.

The World Needs YOU!

You’re no accident of chance or circumstance.

You were created as an answer to the problems of the past, present, and future…

…but you can’t fulfill your purpose as long as you keep hiding yourself away!

STAND for Your Value

The Abundance Mastermind will help you stand for the unique value that you – and only you – have to offer the world. It will help you create a visibility strategy that will:

  • Ensure you eliminate the obstacles that stand between you and the kind of visibility you need to share your light with the world;
  • Attract the people who need your light the most and equip you to explain the value only you can deliver to them in a way that will help them recognize its worth.
  • Set boundaries that will keep the relationships and partnerships you form with others healthy and life-giving rather than toxic and life-draining;
  • Create strategies that will keep you from getting too bogged down with work done to serve others to have time to promote yourself and your offers;
  • Let go of your fear of what others will think and take your place among the stars;

Finding Your Unique Value Is What Our Abundance Coaching Program Does

If you don’t yet know what your unique value is, our Mastermind program won’t help you do that. We can either work one-on-one with you or in our group coaching program to help you discover that and package it in a story that will make your visibility meaningful.

The Four Goals of Our Mastermind

  1. Dismantle the internal barriers that are keeping you from achieving visibility;
  2. Develop a high-impact visibility strategy that will amplify your impact and increase your reach so you can share more of your light with the people who need it most;
  3. Create a system to protect you from the energy vampires while setting you free to establish healthy, fulfilling relationships and partnerships with others;
  4. Practice the relationship skills you’re developing while you work together to implement the visibility strategies you developed.

Dismantling the Barriers Between You and a Life of Limitless Abundance

The greatest obstacle between you and a life of limitless abundance isn’t what’s outside of you. It’s what’s inside you. It’s your own doubts, fears, insecurities, and the misconceptions, misperceptions, and outright lies you’ve been sold about yourself, the world, and what’s possible.

Living a life of limitless abundance requires developing an uncommon mindset. This new mindset will fly in the face of conventional wisdom, defying everything ordinary people believe to be true.

You will meet constant criticism of everything you’re doing, questioning of your methods, and opposition to your choices. You will face doubt, discouragement, fear, and your deepest insecurities on a regular basis.

Our Abundance Mastermind will prepare you to handle those criticisms, questions, and oppposition in a healthy way without losing sight of your value.

To Get What Few Possess, You Must Do What Few Are Willing to Do

There is only one bridge that lies between the life you have now and the life of limitless abundance waiting for you. That bridge is a cross that requires you to die to the person who was in order to become the person you must be in order to live that new life. Few are willing to do the work involved in dying to the old ways of living so you can embrace the new.

You must confront the darkest parts of yourself, understand why they exist, and uncover the role they’ve played in shaping the person you became. You must embrace your weaknesses and be unflinchingly honest with yourself and others about who you are, where you are, exactly as you are. You must own your past and the things you’ve done to master your present and acquire the future you desire.

Developing Strategies for High-Impact Visibility

Gaining visibility is a key to your growth, but you want to be strategic in the kind of visibility you gain and the investments you make in getting there. We’ll work together to develop strategies that will land you the kind of high-impact visibility you need to maximize your growth and amplify your impact.

We’ll be working together to get you prepared with your first taste of high-impact visibility as you join us on the stage at our Fall Back in Love to Move Forward in Love Conference in Paris, France. Your Mastermind Group will help you prepare a moving speech and give you practice to deliver it with confidnece.

The greater your visibility, the more people you will attract. This is why part of our mastermind group focuses is on creating systems that will allow you to form healthy, fulfilling relationships and partnerships that will amplify your impact and allow you to reach more people with less effort.

Creating Systems for Establishing Healthy, Fulfilling Relationships and Partnerships

We’ll work together to create a system that will allow you to screen out the people who aren’t a good fit for you, establish proper expectations for working with you, and ensure that everyone is getting the most out of the relationships or partnerships you do form.

During the Mastermind, we’ll guide you through a series of exercises designed to help you uncover who it is that is your ideal client or partner, what it is you offer them and what it is you would like to receive from them in exchange, what your expectations are for how you will be treated and how you will treat them in return, and where they are most likely to be found so you can get in front of them.

We’ll also work on creating an intake questionnaire designed to filter out those who aren’t the right fit for you or don’t match up with your ideal client and a standards agreement that will lay out those expectations in writing so you create clarity in your relationships and avoid painful misunderstandings.

Setting You Free from Unhealthy Relationships

Unhealthy relationships benefit no one. They keep both parties from growing into the best versions of themselves.

During our Abundance Mastermind Program, we’ll help you:

  • Explore the unhealthy relationships that exist in your life;
  • Create strategies for transforming those relationships where possible;
  • Terminating those where transformation isn’t an option;
  • Set healthy boundaries so the new relationships you form don’t become unhealthy and toxic.

A Small, Intimate Group

Your mastermind group will be small – no more than 11 others. Within that group, you’ll be placed into a squad of no more than three others. As the four of you work together, you’ll come to know each other as few other human beings do.

You’ll challenge each other to grow in ways you never knew were possible and will hold each other accountable for achieving the thigns that matter most to you. You will be required to practice forgiving them and holding the difficult conversations necessary to resolve the inevitable conflicts that arise, just as they will be required to practice forgiving you and engaging with you in difficult conversations.

The practice of forgiveness is not optional. It will be mandatory for you to remain part of the mastermind. You can’t belong to a place unless you’re willing to be long in it – past the pain, the hurt, and the human failures that will arise as you work together.

Weekly Support and Exercises

You’ll gain weekly support as you:

  • Work through the exercises
  • Tackle the fears, insecurities, and old beliefs holding you back
  • Practice getting out of your own way and giving yourself permission to succeed.

Some exercises will be for you to complete alone. Others you will complete with your squad. Each squad will share their results and the things they learned from the exercises with the main group.

These weekly mastermind meetings are not optional. They are a mandatory part of the mastermind. While we will record them, those recordings are not a substitute for your active participation.

Your Money Won’t Matter Here

You may know how to make money. You may know how to trade it to get what you desire. This mastermind isn’t about money. It’s about discovering and leveraging your unique value apart from your money.

Money will only hinder your growth. You will have to learn to operate without it and to find the value you bring apart from it.

We’ll treat you the same no matter how much, or how little, you have. We provide no shortcuts or nor give you any allowances we wouldn’t give anyone else. You can’t pay to replace days missed or opportunities lost in the mastermind, just as you can’t in real life.

Allowing you to do that would only shortchange your progress and slow your growth.

An Investment in Your Personal Growth & Development

Your business and professional growth depends on your personal growth and development. If you aren’t willing to invest in yourself, no amount of investment in programs will help you.

Everything depends on you, and it can only grow to a certain point beyond you. Once it reaches the point where your growth can no longer support its weight, it will collapse in on you. Your dreams will be buried beneath the rubble.

Don’t Let Money Keep You from Shining.

Book your free discovery call. Stop hiding behind the “no money” excuses you’ve been using as a reason not to shine. There are people out there who need you and everything you offer. They have to be able to find you first. Don’t keep hiding behind the money. It’s time to let yourself shine.

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