Our free abundance course, “5 Steps to Get Anyone to Lean in and Listen To You” is value-packed and just over 15 minutes in length, with each lesson lasting no more than 3 minutes.

Based on the 5-Step Process I used to:

  • Market my business on a $0 marketing budget;
  • Become an international speaker, award-winning author, and conference instructor without having degrees, titles, certifications, or a huge following;
  • Get CEO’s of 6-, 7-, and even 8-figure businesses listening to me, seeking my advice, and willing to partner with me for greater things;
  • Gain recognition as one of the most valued members of the team without a title, a promotion, or an election;
  • Land a position as an editor at a magazine and a seat on the Board of Directors of a 6-figure corporation

Free Abundance Course Outline

  1. Introduction: What the course will do for you, who the instructor is, and why she’s confident she can help.
  2. Step 1. Know Your Audience: The value of asking the right questions to tap into the needs of your audience before moving forward.
  3. Step 2. Show Up to Serve: How the attitude you adopt when you approach your audience impacts the outcome and sets the stage for success…or failure.
  4. Step 3. Create Your Message: Creating a message tailored to your audience that’s based on everything you’ve learned about them.
  5. Step 4. Connect With Your Audience: How to get connected to your audience so you are in position to deliver your message.
  6. Step 5. Deliver Exceptional Value: Why you should always go above and beyond when delivering services to your intended audience.
  7. Conclusion: The next steps to take.